Frequently Asked Questions

PuroClenz uses a proprietary, industrial strength concentrated formula that attacks odors at the source, eliminating the bacterial, viral, and organic / chemical content that is the root of bad odors.

PuroClenz works as a gas, by penetrating the cell walls of microorganisms and pathogens, disrupting their metabolic functions, and immediately and permanently eliminating odor problems at the source. It literally explodes the odor-causing substance at a cellular level.

Hundreds of products on the market claim to be odor maskers, but very few aim to destroy the bacteria and viruses that cause sickening smells in the first place. Compared to other odor-killing products, PuroClenz is proven to be 300% stronger. This strength gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that any odorous or unsanitary condition will be treated the right way, the first time!

PuroClenz not only removes all the odor inside of a vehicle, but sanitizes the interior, too. Through Luminometer testing, we can get a space treated with PuroClenz to just below an Operating Room level standard of cleanliness. For used vehicles, this means that we can literally “remove the previous owner.” Any prior odor, biofilm traces, bacterial traces, etc. all disappear after a PuroClenz treatment. It’s like hitting the reset button on the vehicle’s interior history.

Other products like Ozone machine treatments may eliminate a smell temporarily, but you must deal with expensive machinery that breaks, a longer treatment time (that isn’t 100% effective) and you can only treat 1 vehicle at a time. With PuroClenz, you can treat as many cars as you can handle, with a formula that totally removes odor and sanitizes an interior in about 2 hours.

For our Car Dealer Partners, we provide the guarantee that if PuroClenz cannot eliminate the odor issue in a vehicle, we will buy back the car.

Here are the details: the odor treatment should be done in consultation with us on the proper amount of product, and it may take more than one treatment / a higher dosage of product to fully eliminate the odor issue. Please contact us at or call 844-ODOR-911 (844-636-7911) and we’ll be happy to work with you to determine the appropriate treatment dosage to fit your scenario!

If we are not able to remove the odor, we will make an offer to buy back the car at the Accu-Trade Wholesale price, which can be found at The offer will be from R Hollenshead Auto Sales in Manheim, PA, according to their standard purchasing program (RHAS buys around 1,000 wholesale units from dealers across North America every week, so you can be sure that this is a valid offer and you will be offered an accurate and transactable price for the vehicle).

How’s that for a guarantee? Will any other Odor Removal product in the Automotive space make this kind of offer? Didn’t think so! PuroClenz is about real results and helping you resolve any vehicular odor issue that is thrown your way. With the best odor removal product in the business, backed by the best guarantee in the business, we’ve created a game-changing solution that erases the industry’s odor issues for good!

Puroclenz uses a higher concentration and size than any other Odor removal product. Through years of testing and trials, we have landed on the appropriate sizes that remove the odor so that it does not return. We provide 20, 100 and even 500 gram concentrated treatments, as compared to competitors that are much smaller sizes and lower concentrations and effectiveness.

Ozonators and Ozone-type treatments have some distinct disadvantages.

  • Ozone treatments, more times than not, temporarily remove the odor from a vehicle or room. There is a high likelihood that the smell will return with time.
  • You need to invest in a costly machine, which then allows you to only treat one vehicle or location at a time. With PuroClenz, you can treat multiple vehicles and locations at once.
  • Ozone machines are fragile and have end components that are susceptible to breakage
  • PuroClenz is totally safe and non-toxic. Ozone is toxic, and a known carcinogenic agent.

A single 20-gram treatment is effective for most odors in small to medium-sized vehicles.

*As we have laid out in our detailed instruction guide

Interior of a vehicle or living space should be completely cleaned or detailed before starting your PuroClenz treatment.

For larger SUV’s, Van’s, or for bad odors you may require 2 x 20-gram treatments.

For an extreme odor in a vehicle you may wish to use our 100-gram treatment.

Please contact us at or call 844-ODOR-911 (844-636-7911) and we’ll be happy to work with you to determine the appropriate treatment dosage.

With all orders, we provide a complimentary 4 pack of our 4-gram treatments that can be used as a pre-treatment spray, or, as a smaller gas-off treatment to quickly freshen up a vehicle.

PuroClenz CLO2 treatment is the result of the chemical interaction between CLO2 and plain water. The gas that is created interacts with odor causing bacteria and viral content on a microbial level. PuroClenz enters these cells and destroys them entirely. The only remanence of a PuroClenz treatment is a salt-water solution that can be seen in the cup. This solution can be poured down any drain, in the grass, or anywhere outside. There are no harmful chemicals to humans or animals / wildlife, making PuroClenz totally safe for the environment.

PuroClenz works for permanently removing the following odors:

  • Smoke – Cigarette, Cigar, Marijuana, Electrical fire, Post-fire odors
  • Mold and Mildew odors / dormant spores
  • Gasoline, Diesel, Oil, Chemical odors
  • Water damage odors / flood related odors
  • Pet / animal odors (skunk, fish, urine, feces, dander, vomit, blood, allergens, etc.)
  • Rotten food or decomposing organic material odors
  • Dead animals or bodies (yes, we have testimonials on this)
  • Bacterial odors
  • Perfume / Air Freshener odors
  • Viral content
  • Human bodily odors – body odor, vomit, saliva, urine, feces, blood odors

Please contact us at or call 844-ODOR-911 (844-636-7911) and we will be happy to work with you to determine the appropriate treatment for your automotive odor scenario!

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